Blue Toro Hits the Track with New Racing Division

As Australia’s most trusted mobile mechanics since 2006, Blue Toro has developed a reputation for delivering what vehicle owners want – high-quality mechanics and good old fashioned service.

Last week we launched Blue Toro Racing, a new division of the company that allows our mechanics to impart their knowledge and passion for cars, while giving them the opportunity to give back to their communities.

Who is Blue Toro Racing?

Blue Toro Racing is a division of Blue Toro Mobile Mechanics. Blue Toro Racing allows our franchisees to participate in many types of motorsports by way of sponsorship for those who run a team or participate in a pit crew.

Their passion for cars – and anything with an engine – runs a lot deeper than just mobile mechanics. To become a Blue Toro franchisee, our mechanics must be passionate about their trade.

It’s our way of giving back to the franchisees, and all sponsorship is linked back to their preferred charity.

The Street Machine Drag Challenge

Keeping with the prerequisite that all Blue Toro mechanics must be engine lovers … Blue Toro Racing chief mechanic Elvio Gonzalez recently competed in a drag race challenge for charity, the Street Machine Drag Challenge, with 115 other car fanatics.

Elvio’s 8.3sec @167mph 1971 Ford Capri drag car is among the fastest in the country reaching 0-100km/hour in just 1.27secs. He is the only competitor who competed for charity, and has a goal of raising $10,000 for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance to help kids living with this crippling disability the chance to receive much needed support and rehabilitation across the country.

The Finish Line

Elvio finished the 5 day endurance race coming 16th in the field. Elvio raised over $8,000 for his chosen charity the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, with most of the donations coming from race sponsors and competitors. Thank you to everyone who donated and supported this cause.

Blue Toro Mobile Mechanics, of which Blue Toro Racing is a division, is a national franchise group helping mechanics to own their own business. One of the core values of the group is community where each franchisee is encouraged to raise money for charity and support their community.

Our Blue Toro mobile mechanics own their own business and are true motoring enthusiasts – so they really know their stuff!

If you need a great mechanic who comes to you, you can find your nearest mechanic here.

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