Blue Toro Gold Coast is Now Open for Business

Blue Toro Mobile Mechanics is now open in the Gold Coast. Meet Anthony.

Blue Toro Mobile Mechanics Gold Coast is run by owner-mechanic Anthony. With years of experience he’s passionate about anything with an engine.

 First off, tell us about your first and favourite cars.

My favourite car is a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2010 and my first car was a 1982 MRI Ford Fiesta.


What do you like to do you when you’re not working?

I’m helping restore a 1902 Ford Model A.


What made you want to be a mechanic?

Being able to keep people’s cars on the road is very rewarding.


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What’s your automotive specialty?

European cars.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Look after your car and your car will look after you!

Anthony’s Recent Posts:

Anthony is a Gold Coast local and is looking forward to servicing your vehicle needs.  Book in a service with Anthony.

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Are you looking for a trustworthy mechanic?

Yes I am

Who is Elvio?

Elvio is a seasoned Motor Mechanic with 25 years experience in the automotive industry. Well-known for asking the most obvious questions and his bizarre obsession with Datsuns (having owned more than 10), he seems to think the 70s was the golden era of motoring. Current rumours suggest he owns more than 100 caps, prefers Belgium bier to Australian and has been confused with the real Speedy Gonzalez. Well-known at the racetrack for getting maximum performance on a budget and his obsessive attention to detail, he is now taking his passion for all things with an engine to help his customers in his blog. Ask Elvio.