Automotive Dictionary

We know mechanics can speak their own language. That’s why we’ve tried to de-mystify some of the more unusual terminology to ensure you’re in control of your vehicle.



Minor styling modifications made by the manufacturer to a car model, which may be approaching the end of its useful life. It could include restyled headlights, added trim, spoilers, etc.

Factory adjusted:
Something that is set by the manufacturer when the vehicle was built and is not intended to be changed.

Factory options:
Optional features which may be installed by the manufacturer upon request.

Fifth wheel:
Provides a flexible connection between the vehicle and the trailer.

Flat spot:
A momentary hesitation from the engine after the accelerator pedal is pressed down.

Four-banger (4-banger):
A car with 4 cylinders.

Four-by-four (4×4):
A four-wheel-drive vehicle.

Four-wheel-drive (4WD):
Both axles and all four wheels are activated. 4WD’s can be full-time (always on) or part-time (driver selected). Four-wheel drive enables better handling on off-road terrain, or on-road driveability in unfavourable driving conditions.

Front-wheel-drive (FWD):
A drive system where the engine applies driving force to the front wheels rather than the rear wheels. The benefit is often maximised passenger and/ or cargo space in the rear.

Funny car:
A variation of a dragster that hides the usual front engine chassis under a lightweight body that looks more like a streetcar.

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