Automotive Dictionary

We know mechanics can speak their own language. That’s why we’ve tried to de-mystify some of the more unusual terminology to ensure you’re in control of your vehicle.



The positioning of spokes in the hub and rim.

Nonfunctional side pipes attached along the lower sides of a vehicle for decorative purposes.

The eleventh letter of the Greek alphabet it’s the ratio between actual air/ fuel ration and stoichiometric (air/ fuel) ratio. Lambda of less than 1 is rich, greater than 1 is lean.

Short for Lamborghini.

A vehicle with a large number of defects.

A Mercedes-Benz voice recognition system. Different to most it can initiate an interactive voice dialog and can distinguish individual differences of each human voice it ‘hears’.

Locking up:
When a vehicle is in gear but it won’t move.

Occurs when an engine’s rpm is too low and is struggling to give motion to the vehicle. This usually happens when a car is going uphill in too high a gear.

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