5 great road trip games to bring the family together

With the summer school holidays in full swing, many of us may be planning a trip to a holiday house, camp sight or to visit family and friends. Road trips can be an amazing opportunity to spend time with your family and friends and enjoy many sights along the way.

For the kids, though, it’s all about the destination. They’re not always interested in looking at the scenery and watching the cars fly past. Which means they’re likely to get bored at some point. Many turn to electronic games to pass the time, but that means the kids are in their own little world instead of spending time with the family. To help rectify this, here are 5 road trip games that will bring your family together and allow you to have fun:


This is a tried-and-true game that people have been playing ever since the invention of the road trip. One person thinks of an object and the others try to guess what it is. It always starts off with “Is it an animal, vegetable, or mineral?” Once that’s been answered, any question can be asked that will help you narrow down the mystery and figure out what the person is thinking about.


There are quite a few variations of this memory game, but they’re all basically the same. One person starts off by saying “I went to Grandma’s house and I saw…” (or “I went to a picnic and I saw…”, etc.), and adds a word that starts with the letter A. Then the next person repeats it and adds a word that begins with the letter B. Then C, D, and the rest of the alphabet until there are 26 total items. For example, when you get up to the letter D, you might find yourself saying, “I went to Grandma’s house and I saw an apple, a book, a camera, and a dog.” Getting to the end of the alphabet is tough, but it can be done.


This one utilises anything that you can read outside of your vehicle. Billboards, road signs, business names – anything that you want to deem acceptable is fine. This a competition between single players or teams. You start off by finding the letter A anywhere outside of your vehicle, then B, then C, etc. The first person to get to Z is the winner. The letter doesn’t have to be in the beginning of a word; anywhere within the word is fine. If you want to add an extra element, only allow one letter to be used from each sign, billboard, etc. Plus, you can split up the sides of the road to correspond with the side that each player is on. Another version of this game is to use only license plates on the other cars on the road.

#4. I SPY

Out of all the road trip games that exist, this one is a classic that has been passed down from parents, relatives, and friends for many years. You see something on the road, preferably in the distance, and say “I spy with my little eye, something…” and then add a clue about what you see. You may give its colour, shape, the letter it starts with, etc. Once someone guesses the correct object, the winner chooses a new one.


Road trip games can also utilise paper and other supplies. Road trip bingo takes a bit of planning, but it can be an extremely fun game for kids of all ages. It works just like regular bingo, except that instead of numbers, each square has either a word or picture of an object. It may be something as simple as a stop sign, or a bit less common like a one-way sign or road train. If you make the sheets yourself, you can use objects that you expect to see on the way to where you’re going. Or you can print some that have already been created, such as these. For markers, try to use something that will stick to the paper to keep them from falling off while the vehicle is moving. This will allow you to use the sheets more than once. If that isn’t a concern, use a pen instead.

Alternatively you can go the electronic route if your kids have an iPad each and download a road trip bingo game from the app store.

Blue Toro Mobile Mechanics can help you keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently, but what we can’t do (unfortunately) is keep your children entertained on a long road trip. But by putting some of the above road trip games to good use, you can be assured that your long drive will seem much shorter than expected. Have fun and be safe!

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