How do I earn more money as a business owner?

At first glance, it may seem counterintuitive: How can I make more money by striking off on my own, when my current job provides me with a steady income each month? If security is what I’m after, why would I consider starting my own business?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

You may find yourself thinking about the pros and cons of starting a small business. While some people take the leap, plenty get caught up on the “what ifs”. However, starting a business—in particular, a franchise—doesn’t have to be as scary as you think.

Consider these statistics about franchising in Australia: The franchise sector contributes around $128 million annually to the Australian economy, and around 91 per cent of franchise systems here are homegrown Australian brands.

It’s clear that many business owners have found success by adopting proven business models with well-established companies.

When you become a business owner, you gain the freedom to open up new streams of revenue and to expand your business at your own pace. The typical franchise model gives business owners multiple opportunities to earn income.

At Blue Toro, mechanics can start their business with confidence because of our income guarantee and our flexible financing plans. That’s part of the reason why our mechanics love what they do and enjoy running their own business – because they have peace of mind.

The benefits of starting your mobile mechanic business with Blue Toro include:

    • A tried and tested business plan that sets mechanics up to make a minimum of $240,000 within the first two years. This works out to an approximate $120,000 plus in gross salary, which is twice the amount that mechanics make on average.


    • The chance to set your own schedule and spend more time with family as a business owner.


    • Ongoing training and support from Blue Toro professionals.


    • Reasonable payment plans that allow you to start your business now instead of having to save up for years.


    • An income guarantee that will give you confidence as you start to build up your business.


    • The opportunity to earn more money while working fewer hours.


    • A 100% success rate.


New Blue Toro business owners are armed with tools for success straight from the get-go. By working with the company to develop a 90-day success plan, mechanics can start their new business with confidence.

Blue Toro mobile mechanics have the freedom to choose their own business vehicle, to pick suppliers that fit their needs, and to partner with workshops in order to tackle large jobs. The company supplies its mobile mechanics with leads and mentors all new business owners, regardless of prior business experience.

With Blue Toro, qualified mechanics can earn more while building a business that can serve them and their families for years to come.

To learn more about starting a business with Blue Toro and to view testimonials from successful franchisees, visit

About the author

Janelle Gonzalez is the owner of Blue Toro, Australia’s first national mobile mechanic franchise, one of the fastest growing automotive repair businesses in the country. She is an advocate for the hard-working mechanics who want an ethical and profitable way to better support their families. Her mission is to disrupt the automotive repair industry by exposing the rip-offs and returning to old-fashioned service values that car owners want.

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