Frequently asked question: Which car is the most reliable?

DID YOU KNOW: We live in a country with more than 913,000km of paved and unpaved roads? Isn’t that incredible?

That’s why you need a car that will run like a champ with little to no issues. Car buffs like to debate about the efficacy of particular brands and models, and when it comes to car information, the internet can be filled with contradictions.

So how does an average car buyer find that special vehicle that runs seamlessly on city streets and effortlessly handles lonely roads out in the bush?

Thankfully, researchers have put different types of cars to the test to figure which types are the most reliable for Australian buyers. From their extensive studies, they found that reliability boils down to one major factor: where the car came from.

Japanese cars: Road trip Warriors

The fact that nine of the cars on Australia’s top 10 most reliable cars list are manufactured in Japan says something about Japanese quality. Toyotas, Hondas and Mazdas are among the top-rated vehicle manufacturers in this innovative island nation.

Japanese cars are known for holding their resale value and for their cost efficiency. Since these cars are so popular, it’s also easy to find parts and to have repairs done when they are needed. For drivers who want low-maintenance vehicles at a good price, Japanese cars can be a fantastic option.

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Australian cars: Keeping it local

Australian-built cars are well made and well priced. They can be an excellent choice for commuters who need a solid, fuel-efficient vehicle. Maintenance is simple since these cars are produced in-country, and there are options to all different kinds of individuals and families. Australian cars are also equipped with some special extras in order to handle our urban and rural roads.

American cars: Shooting for size

In America, bigger tends to be better, so it’s no surprise that American cars are larger than most vehicles. In Australia, American cars are hard to find, and even harder to repair and maintain because of the lack of affordable parts. Additionally, they perform poorly when it comes to reliability: Two of the cars on the least-reliable list of vehicles are American-made. If size is a factor in your buying decision, and you’re willing to pay a little more for maintenance, an American car may be the way to go.

European cars: Riding in style

European rides are known for being sleek, modern and powerful. From the rugged Land Rover to the elegant BMW, European cars are icons of luxury around the world. Unfortunately, a beautiful exterior does not equal a flawless interior. European cars are the most expensive to buy in the international market and they tend to have the most maintenance issues, as shown by the fact that eight of the top 10 least reliable cars are European-made.

If you don’t mind spending a little more time and money at the repair shop, and you want to stand out from the crowd, a European car may be worth considering.

As Australians, we are lucky to have a range of national and international vehicle brands to choose from. No matter what your preference is, you’ll be able to find a car that meets your needs and desires.

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