Do hybrids cost more to maintain?

Well yes and no…regular maintenance and servicing should not cost any more and in some cases cost less. However if something goes wrong it often goes very wrong!

One of the key benefits of a hybrid is that the petrol engine is designed to shut down when idling or when driving at low speeds and the electric motor takes over. That means there’s less wear and tear on the engine. On smaller hybrids especially, oil changes are recommended every 8,000kms rather than the usual 5,000kms on most cars.

There is, however, always the possibility that some part of the hybrid system (and most often the large battery pack) will fail. If you car’s hybrid battery fails after the warranty period the costs can be staggering. The good news is that most manufacturers have reduced the price of a replacement hybrid battery from as much as $8,000 in the early days to around $2,000 today.

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