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Despite what dealerships tell you, you do not have to service your car at a dealership. So long as your mechanic is a licensed repairer, your warranty is not affected— the law says so.


Good Car Servicing

Poor Car Servicing

  • Should include an oil change and a full safety check. Tyres, brakes, lights, seatbelts, fluid levels should all be checked at a regular service.
  • Cost between $180-$220 (if no additional repairs are needed) If it is anything less, the mechanic is either doing something dodgy, or they’re trying to get you in the door to upsell you.
  • The car is being serviced to the specific manufacturer’s recommendation. A good mechanic will know exactly what your specific vehicle will need at that point in time.
  • Only includes the oil change and the mechanic does not check the overall safety of the vehicle. At your next service, ask what exactly is included to ensure it is not just an oil change.
  • Is either really cheap or really expensive. If it’s cheap, it’s not going to be a good service, if it’s expensive, ask why.
  • The car is being serviced differently to the logbook recommendations. If the mechanic says something different from the logbook, ask why.

Dealership Myths

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    You need to service your new car at a dealership to keep your warranty - not true.

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    Only dealerships have the tools and knowledge to service your car - not true.

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    Fixed price servicing saves money - not true.

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    Capped price servicing saves money - not true.


The engine oil inside your car is a key component of lubricating its insides. Engine oil has a use-by date, after about 7,000km, or 12 months, engine oil will start to break down and deteriorate, becoming less and less effective at doing the job it needs to do.

-If it is not changed regularly, parts in your car start to deteriorate and the inevitable result is unnecessary repairs, breakdowns and even a blown engine.

-If your coolant hasn’t been replaced and you go to the snow or other very cold conditions, your engine will freeze over.

-If your brake fluid hasn’t been replaced on time you’ll eventually get water contamination that will rust your internal braking system.

We’re all told to refer to our car’s logbook for the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. However, most people don’t even look at it… let alone understand it!

To simplify it right down to the “need to know”, we’ve put together an overview of what needs to be serviced and when that will suit most cars:

EVERY 10,000KM OR 6 MONTHS (whichever comes first)

  • Engine oil – Oil Filter *Some new cars under warranty 15,000km/ 12  months


  • A/C cabin filter – Air filter – Brake fluid – Brakes – Coolant flush – Diff oil
  • Spark plugs – Transmission service (manual) – Tyres & wheel alignment

EVERY 60,000-80,000KM OR 3-4 YEARS

  • Battery – Fuel filter – Transmission service (auto)

EVERY 80,000-120,000KM OR 4-6 YEARS

  • Clutch (manual) – Platinum spark plugs – Timing belt & water pump – Wiper rubbers


  • Shock absorbers

A typical service should cost anywhere between $180-$220. However there are also the ‘big-ticket’ service items. They’re the major services that hit you around the 80,000 – 120,000km mark (or four to six years). The table below gives you a guide of what to replace and when.

$$: $151-600
$$$: > $601
Air-conditioning cabin filter 40,000km/ 2 years $
Air filter 40,000km/ 2 years $
Battery 60,000 – 80,000km/ 3-4 years (engine mounted battery)
120,000 – 160,000km/ 6-8 years (boot mounted battery)
Brakes (front) 40,000km/ 2 years $$
Brakes (rear) 60,000km/ 3 years $$
Clutch (manual transmission) 80,000km – 120,000km/ 4-6 years $$$
Coolant flush 40,000km/ 2 years $$
Differential oil 40,000km/ 2 years $$
Fuel filter 60,000km/ 3 years $$
Shock absorbers (or struts) 120,000km/ 6 years $$
Spark plugs 40,000km/ 2 years
(platinum spark plugs 100,000km/ 5 years)
Timing belt and water pumpt 100,000km/ 5 years $$$
Transmission service (auto) 60,000 – 80,000km/ 3-4 years $$
Transmission service (manual) 40,000km/ 2 years $$
Tyres 30,000 – 50,000km/ 5 years max
(for well maintained tyres kept at the correct pressure)
Wheel alignment When replacing tyres $
Wiper rubbers 100,000km/ 5 years $

If your mechanic tells you something different to the guide above, ask why. Ask them to refer to your logbook and ensure you haven’t had major parts replaced at the last service.

Did you know that 80% of Australians are wary of being ripped off by a mechanic? Most choose to delay (or even completely skip!) a service just to avoid dealing with a mechanic. This has resulted in over 50% of cars not being serviced on time.

The thing is, not all mechanics are bad. In fact, many (especially in Australia) are great at what they do. It’s all about knowing how to find a good mechanic. That’s why we’ve put together a list that will help you distinguish a good mechanic from the get-go.

To find an honest, reliable and knowledgeable in your area, head to our service areas page.

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