How to Sell a Car

How do I prepare my car for sale and maximise my return?

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You may sell your car for any number of reasons: your lease is up, the car is no longer reliable, your circumstances have changed, you want to buy a new car, and more. Whatever the reason, you will be faced with the same decisions:

When do I sell my car? Should I trade my car in or sell it privately? How do I prepare my car for sale? How do I sell my car privately? Here’s the answers to help you maximise the return you receive on your car…

CarS 101
  • When buying a new car becomes cheaper than keeping your old car! The longer you keep a car, the more it costs to maintain. For every year that ticks past, a car will require more servicing, more parts will need to be replaced and more things will start to go wrong. Read more to help you determine when you should consider selling your car.

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