Business Owner Case Study: Meet Jace

mobile mechanic hills district jace

“Being successful in your own business is only hard if you’re doing it wrong.”

(And most people are doing it wrong).

Territory: Sydney’s Hills District
Years as a qualified mechanic: 7
Age: 27
Specialty: Japanese, no starts, brakes and clutches
Favourite car: 2000 Toyota Chaser JZX100
Why he chose to start a business with Blue Toro: For security and support


His results after starting a business with Blue Toro?

Jace beat his 90-day target by more than 25% and is now number 1 on Google in his region. In just the first 3-months of his new business he topped what he was previously earning, works less hours, is less stressed, closer to home, and has NO BOSS! He has also fit in a couple of holidays.

Mobile mechanic hills district


Jace’s story

Jace’s story started young. Every weekend he would visit his mechanic uncle and play with his tools, instead of the other kids. By the time he was 14 his uncle was giving him small jobs such as changing oil and tyres.

At 15 he knew he wanted to be a mechanic and landed an apprenticeship at Ford. He quickly stepped through the apprenticeship program, finalising his years at independent workshops. Being in small shops he was thrown into a Floor Manager role and learned a lot very quickly. It was then that he met another mechanic who would ultimately be the influence behind his passion for drifting. “Don’t spend your money going out, spend it on cars” was the advice.

He spent most of the next 4 years at a large mobile mechanic chain where he made the decision not to go back to 4 walls. He liked the freedom of not having a boss look over his shoulder, and being out and about at different locations every day.

Jace soon felt frustrated working for someone else. He was charging out $120 labour rate and only receiving $25. He was pushed to work harder and harder but continued to earn the same. The tipping point was continually working late on Saturdays and not being paid overtime.

Jace looked at options to start his own mobile mechanic business. He thought of doing this on his own but realised there were large setup costs, with no guarantee of work. He also didn’t really know what was involved, how to do it or have the confidence he would be able to get enough customers.

Jace ultimately chose to buy a franchise for the simple reason that he’d be up and running day one with full support and marketing ready to go. The income guarantee gave him the ultimate security that he couldn’t fail.

Jace chose Blue Toro for several reasons. “Blue Toro looked different to everyone else – more professional. The brand and the van look great and I could see the business had built up over a number of years with a successful track record and a strong presence in the market.” Jace reviewed other franchise options but found they all had high monthly fees, no track record and no automotive experience – they couldn’t ‘walk the talk’.

Jace found setting up his business easy “the setup checklist was easy with step-by-step instructions – simple!” Jace has a great experience as a mechanic but found he learned a lot during his training. “I learned a lot from Blue Toro’s customer reviews, what makes a good mechanic and what customers are looking for. I remember thinking wow – I’d like to get reviews like that.”

Getting started we helped Jace develop his own 90-day plan, tailoring activities to the amount of money he wanted to make. With the support of Blue Toro’s tailored marketing program, Jace was able to smash the targets he set himself.

To other mechanics he would say “complaining about your boss is not going to help, looking at the figures is not going to help – you just have to take action“.

“It seemed like a scary decision, but in the end it was easy. The support from Blue Toro has been great – I now get more support than I ever did as an employee. I’m confident of getting work and being successful.”


Interested in improving your life by starting your own business?  Enquire Now and let us help you earn more, stress less and work less.


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