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With families to provide for and busy lives to lead, many mechanics are searching for a work opportunity that is flexible, meaningful and consistent.

Most mechanics have realised that as an employee, much of their pay goes toward supporting people higher up the chain.

Starting your own mobile mechanic business with Blue Toro gives you the chance to set your own hours, to make more money and to have more time to yourself.

If you’re drawn to the idea of running your own business, opening up shop as a Blue Toro mobile mechanic could be the opportunity that you’ve been searching for.


What is it like to become a Blue Toro mobile mechanic?


Here, you’ll find answers to some of biggest questions that prospective business owners have about joining the Blue Toro team and learning how to earn more money as a business owner.

Q: Do I need to be a qualified motor mechanic?

 A: Yes. Mobile mechanics often work on their own, so you need to have outstanding diagnostic and customer service skills. Being able to quickly identify problems and solve them is a key component to your success as a mobile mechanic.


Q: Do I need to have business experience?

A: Although past experience can be helpful, Blue Toro will provide you with everything you need in order to smoothly start and run your business. As a franchisee, you reap the benefits of learning from others who have operated the same business. Additionally, you’re backed by a two-year income guarantee and provided with a tried and tested blueprint for success in all aspects of your mobile mechanic business, including marketing and customer service.


Q: What are the licensing requirements?

A: Mobile mechanics must apply for the Mobile Workshop Licence with the Motor Vehicle Repair Industry Authority in New South Wales. Other states have similar agencies, and Blue Toro will guide you through this simple step.


Q: What is the income potential like?

A: Your income is tied directly to the amount of service and repair jobs you can complete in a week. Earnings from the average job are in the $300-$500 range, and as a franchisee, most of that money stays with you. Blue Toro works closely with its mobile mechanics to assist them in achieving their financial goals.


 Q: How do territories work with Blue Toro?

 A: Your territory, or the area in which you can work, is defined by population, income, the number of cars between 4-12 years old and the amount of time it takes to travel within the territory. Blue Toro gives its franchisees access to data that shows the most profitable parts of each territory. If you have existing customers outside of your territory, you can nominate them for inclusion, which allows you to continue working with them.


Q: How much will I need to spend for my service van?

A: It’s up to you! Blue Toro accepts a variety of new, used and leased vans.


Q: Which suppliers can I use?

 A: Anyone you’d like. You know what customers in your territory need, so Blue Toro leaves the supplier search up to you. Blue Toro can provide a list of suppliers if needed.


Q: Can I sell the business?

A: If you decide that being a mobile mechanic isn’t the best fit, you can sell your mobile mechanic business at any time during the term of your agreement. However, remember that most mobile mechanics find success after they’ve built their customer base, which can take some time.


Q: How can I complete large jobs if I’m mobile?

A: Most jobs can be done on site, but if you’re faced with a large project or a fix that needs the attention of a specialist, you can sublet the work or partner with a workshop.


Q: Is being my own boss risky?

A: If you go at it on your own, being your own boss can be risky. However, as a franchisee, you’re set up with all the tools and mentorship that you’ll need for success. Blue Toro’s two-year income guarantee and proven system are built to ensure that every mobile mechanic reaches their goals, every step of the way.


If you’d like to take the next step toward becoming your own boss, enquire now.


About the author

Janelle Gonzalez is the owner of Blue Toro, Australia’s first national mobile mechanic franchise, one of the fastest growing automotive repair businesses in the country. She is an advocate for the hard-working mechanics who want an ethical and profitable way to better support their families. Her mission is to disrupt the automotive repair industry by exposing the rip-offs and returning to old-fashioned service values that car owners want.


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