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At Blue Toro you’ll always speak to a real vehicle mechanic, not a receptionist. We have service areas across the country, but your mechanic is local, and knows just where to find you.

We’ll get you back on the road sooner. We service and repair all makes and models of vehicles, fixing problems others can’t.

Blue Toro Mobile Mechanics perform mobile car repairs and can diagnose faults on your cars engine management system. Whether your car has an engine warning light coming on, intermittent problems or simply won’t start, we can help.

Blue Toro uses a scan tool for all the latest models of vehicles to read fault codes and check your entire engine management system. We can check the ECU, throttle position sensor, air flow meter, coil pack, coolant temperature sensor, air temperature sensor, crank angle sensor, cam angle sensor, oxygen sensor and injectors with our mobile car repair service.

Common warning lights and what they mean:

Red = STOP. Ring your mechanic.
Red battery symbol: you have no alternator charge.
Red oil can: you have no oil pressure.
Red brake light: your vehicle has no brake fluid.

Orange = KEEP WATCH. Get to your mechanic when you can.
Orange engine symbol: a sensor in your vehicle is malfunctioning.
Orange oil can: your oil level is low.
Orange radiator symbol: your coolant level is low.

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We can provide a registration safety e-check with your service and lodge it direct with the motor registry.
You should service your car based on the time or distance travelled since your last service

(whichever occurs first). Remember too that varying driving conditions may also affect the frequency of your service requirements, e.g. city versus highway driving, carrying heavy loads.

Delaying your service is a false economy.

Not servicing your vehicle according to the manufacturers recommendations impacts the performance of your vehicle and often causes greater wear and tear, costing you more in repairs in the long run.

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