How to avoid expensive trailer repairs

In our experience, trailers are the #1 most neglected part of any truck. The thing is, they’re just as important. What good is your truck to your customer if it arrives without a trailer… and therefore without your customers’ goods!? Despite this, trailers are constantly overlooked which often leads to breakdowns, downtime and expensive trailer repairs that could have been entirely avoided.

Our approach is prevention versus cure. Here’re our top tips to maintain your trailer and avoid expensive trailer repairs.

1.Investment Versus Cost

Generally, drivers look at any dollars spent on repairs or services as costs rather than investments. This is particularly true of trailers, however when you keep your trailer (and your truck for that matter) well maintained you’re investing in the key tools that are vital to your business. For instance, if your fridge breaks down and you’re carrying over $10,000 worth of goods that become spoiled your losses quickly become much higher than repairs and services. Regular maintenance will help you steer clear of costly (and likely entirely avoidable) trailer repairs and keep your truck, your trailer and your goods on the road and on schedule.

2. Regular Inspections

A good diesel mechanic will be able to develop a driver and operator weekly and daily check program so that day to day and week to week you know exactly which areas you should be checking to maintain optimum trailer health. Your mechanic should also have a regular ongoing inspection and service schedule for you to stick to. If your mechanic can’t give you this then there’s a high chance they’re probably hoping that you end up coming to them with expensive trailer repairs down the track.

3. Keep Records

As a truck operator, you’re driving thousands of kilometers in all kinds of directions. On the journey, small things will appear, a niggle in your trailer or something just not working the way it should. If it’s relatively minor, the chance that you’re going to remember to bring it up at the next visit to your mechanic is seriously slim. By keeping records of the small stuff you’ll be able to bring them all up to your mechanic at your next visit. This is particularly important if you have more than one operator driving the same fleet so that nothing gets overlooked.

4. Understanding Compliance and Legislation

Your trailer falls under similar legislation and compliance as your truck. Therefore it’s vital that you understand the regulations. Even more critical is that your mechanic understands the legislations as well. That way together you can ensure that your trailer remains compliant… and therefore on the road!

Overall the best way to avoid expensive trailer repairs is by putting the steps in place to keep your trailer well maintained. It’s easy and even logical to focus on your truck over your trailer, however, neglect your trailer and you’ll end up in exactly the same position you would if you neglected your truck; with costly repairs and downtime that could have been avoided.

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