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"As an employee I was pumping through work getting more and more stressed and not earning any more money. Owning my own business I now set my own boundaries.

It's also great to tell people our slogan (Your Car Our Passion) and working in a team where cars are in our blood. I only wish I'd done this earlier."


  • How do I find out more?

    Simply click the ENQUIRE NOW button and submit your contact details. We’ll be in touch to answer your questions.

  • Do I have to be a qualified Motor Mechanic?

    Yes. We’re looking for qualified Motor Mechanics with strong diagnostic and customer service skills. Our point of difference is our quality workmanship and first time diagnosis.

  • What are the licencing requirements?

    You will be required to apply for a Mobile Workshop Licence with the Motor Vehicle Repair Industry Authority in NSW. Other states have equivalent requirements. We will guide you through this simple process.

  • Do I need previous business experience?

    No. That’s one of the major benefits of buying a franchise. The business is turn-key which means you have everything you need from day 1. We’ve spent years perfecting our processes and marketing so you don’t need to.

  • How much can I make?

    Your earning potential directly relates to the number of service and repair jobs you think you can achieve in a week, and how many hours you are willing to put in. Our average jobs range from $300-$500. That’s money in your pocket, not your bosses! We’ll work with you on a business plan to achieve the goals you set yourself.

  • How big are territories and how are they defined?

    Territories are defined by population, income, number of cars 4-12 years old and drive-time. Postcodes are rated 1-10 and we will show you where the hot spots are that we’ll heavily target for you.

  • What about my existing customers outside of my territory?

    You can nominate a list of ‘included’ customers who may currently be outside of your territory but will continue to be serviced by you.

  • How much does a van cost?

    We accept a wide range of vans, including second hand. Vans can be leased at a low weekly rate and are fully tax deductible.

  • Which suppliers can I use?

    Whoever you want. We don’t restrict who you use as you’ll be in the best position to know which parts suppliers are best in your territory. If you need a broader network or a better deal we can usually help.

  • Why shouldn't I just keep doing what I'm doing?

    Sure. If you’re happy with the income you’re earning, love your boss, have a flexible lifestyle and job security then you’re obviously onto a good thing. If you want more, that’s where we come in.

  • Why wouldn't I do it later?

    Because you’ll miss out! We’re only recruiting one great mechanic per territory who will own that territory exclusively.

  • Can I sell the business?

    Yes. During the term of your agreement you can sell your business. Remember you are building an asset that grows in value as you grow your customer base.

  • Do you supply me with leads?

    Yes that’s the whole point. Our marketing works and is designed to drive leads direct to you to grow your business further.

  • How do I manage larger jobs being mobile?

    Most jobs we manage on-site. For those occasional jobs that are too large or better managed by a specialist, such as auto electrical, you can sublet the work or partner with a workshop.

  • Isn't being my own boss risky?

    Sure if you went out on your own. That’s why so many are turning to franchises. With our 2-year income guarantee and proven system you can’t fail. But we want you to succeed so we work closely with all our franchisees on tailored goals to make sure you not only succeed, but also have peace of mind.

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