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Complete team support, a proven system and an income guarantee.

Your car. Our Passion
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"As an employee I was pumping through work getting more and more stressed and not earning any more money. Owning my own business I now set my own boundaries.

It's also great to tell people our slogan (Your Car Our Passion) and working in a team where cars are in our blood. I only wish I'd done this earlier."


Get the best of both worlds: the security and support of employment, combined with the freedom and income of being your own boss.

1. A proven system with a 100% success rate.

2. Full support from those who’ve been there and done that – we have your back.

3. 25 years running successful businesses – Blue Toro is the fastest growing auto repairer in Australia.

4. Plus an income guarantee – for complete peace of mind.

The result is all of our mechanics are happier and less stressed. Ask them yourself.


He has a lot of support and knowledge behind him. He knows he can’t fail. Find out why.


“The reason we went with Blue Toro was to have the support and backing, and the knowledge of the people in the business behind us.” 

“There is tons of support. The boys all help each other; it’s a very tight bunch.”

“I wasn’t expecting him to get jobs from day 1. I thought it’s going to be quiet for the first couple of months. But he actually got a lot of phone calls straight away. Everyday he leaves in the morning and comes home 5 or 6 at night. He was making money from day 1.” 

“It gets to the point where you’ve gotta make a change in your life. You can’t keep working for someone else your whole life. You’re not gonna get anywhere until you take that first step.”

“I can really see that he is proud that he’s doing this for his family. He is doing his own thing and doing really well.” Lisa, Glenn’s partner

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